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FAQ - List of Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions by Suppliers (Creditors) and Customers (Debtors) is updated automatically. The PayAdvisor method is innovative and should reassure the different parties.

PayAdvisor is a management tool for tracking your invoices.

  • Your good Customers will have to settle your invoices as a priority thanks to the promise of a good E-reputation
  • You have a tool that allows you to value your relationship with your good Customers
Moreover, your bad payers will want to avoid the threat of a negative view of their company on the search engines.

You can use PayAdvisor to the extent that :

  • You have a VAT number
  • Your Debtor is correctly identified
  • You know your Debtor VAT number
  • The Debtor really owes you an undiputable amount

The requested information about your Customers:

  • Name of the company
  • VAT number
  • The e-mail address of the reponsible person for the payment or the e-mail address of the comapany
  • Invoice number concerned
  • Date of the invoice concerned

Information which is NOT requested :

  • The company address
  • The invoice amount
  • Name of the manager of your Customer company
  • Wording of the invoice (the reason of the sale remains confidential)

By registering your invoices on PayAdvisor,

  • you encourage your Customers to give you priority
  • you significantly reduce your reminder charges and unpaid invoices
  • you increase your Treasury
PayAdvisor allows you to track multiple companies!
BUT, you will be asked to create as many accounts as companies for which you want to track invoices.
You will need to register using the Company number of each company by creating:
  • 1 Username per company tracked
  • 1 different password related to this Username
  • 1 same email address can be used for all accounts
The references on the PayAdvisor "Customer records" are objective witnesses of the company quality of acting as a "payer" over the last 12 months.
However, the "Customer record" is representative only regarding the activities of that Customer on PayAdvisor.
The PayAdvisor "Customer record" contains all of the following information:

  • Contact details of the Debtor: company name, VAT number, address in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • graph: sum of positive and negative units in a 24 month history
  • number of invoices tracked by PayAdvisor
  • number of invoices paid on time
  • number of invoices paid late
  • cumulative number of days late
  • number of undisputed transactions
  • number of transactions concluded positively after exchanges between the parties
  • number of transactions that have been the subject of a dispute by the Debtor and that was deemed justified by the Creditor
  • number of transactions that have been the subject of a dispute by the Debtor and that was deemed abusive by the Creditor
  • a synthetic appreciation of PayAdvisor
A set of security locks has been put in place to prevent any misuse of PayAdvisor.

Examples (non-comprehensive) :
  • The identification of the Creditor is verified:
    • Only named credit cards are accepted
    • A named card is a traceable identification source of the Creditor
    • Prepaid payment cards are thus refused
    • From this automatic check, the Creditor can begin to encode his/her invoices on PayAdvisor

  • If you have not reacted within 26 days of the introduction of the invoice on PayAdvisor, a postal mail is sent to your official address
  • The Creditor cannot interfere with your administrative data (address, ...) which are automatically checked by PayAdvisor

  • You can stop the PayAdvisor tracking of the invoice claimed by the Creditor as long as:
    • 1st step: you highlight honestly on your Space:
      • the payment of the invoice
      • the disagreement of the invoice through official way
      • the reporting of an error relating to the invoice
    • 2nd Step: to follow completely the tracking and exchange procedure with your Supplier available on PayAdvisor
    • 3rd Step : You can definitely stop the tracking of the invoice as long as:
      • you complete a statement (standard form available on the PayAdvisor website)
      • you send this statement by e-mail to PayAdvisor and that is accessible by the Creditor on his/her Space
      • you acknowledge that this statement commits you in a civil and/or criminal way
      • you sign this statement
      WATCH OUT : if this statement proves to be fraudulent, the aforesaid statement may be used by the Creditor for all purposes

Only companies and self-employed can use the PayAdvisor services.

European Laws prohibit the publication of private information without the consent of the concerned person.
See « what does the Law say »
Any Belgian company (or self-employed) subject to VAT may be tracked by PayAdvisor services.
While PayAdvisor is intended for all companies in the European Community, the service begins with Belgium.
PayAdvisor's services will be limited to companies in the European Community.
Provided that the recovery of the old invoice is not required by Law (usually 5 and 10 years), the Creditor can use the services of PayAdvisor.
As long as the PayAdvisor due date (by default: the date of encoding on PayAdvisor + 30 days + Supplier reaction time for the responses of his/her Client) has not been reached yet.
No, it is however possible to declare it as paid, which will put an end to PayAdvisor processing.
The PayAdvisor due time is, by default, 30 days after the encoding of the invoice on the PayAdvisor site (WARNING: in practice, you must add the Supplier's reaction time to the Customer's remarks)..
If the Supplier has granted its Customer a payment term of more than 30 days, the Supplier will have to before entrusting its invoice to PayAdvisor so as to avoid the PayAdvisor due date being earlier than the date of the agreement between the parties.
PayAdvisor follows the Belgian invoices issued by Belgian Suppliers to Belgian Customers, in the framework of this start-up phase.
The objective of the service is to extend to the European level as soon as possible. The information will be available on the website.

You too, enjoy the PayAdvisor services too!

In just a few clicks, you will start to significantly reduce the time required to pay your invoices!