PayAdvisor assists you in the follow-up of your invoice from the first day of its issuance (and of your sending to your customer) until the 60th day.
If, by accident, your customer has not yet paid your invoice,
PayAdvisor can automatically forward your invoice to its collection partner:

VENTURIS Cy, since 2004, is active in credit management and in the amicable and judicial collection of unpaid debts.

As pioneers in the sector in the implementation of a WEB platform and a computerized engine, we allow the processing of masses of unpaid debts on the entire Belgian territory, with more than three million unpaid invoices processed to date.

VENTURIS has put forward the added value of an amicable collection while ensuring judicial collection through its network of bailiffs and lawyers. Tous sont interfacés avec notre système informatique, permettant une transparence totale.

Our method of remuneration as well as our procedures allow our clients to have perfect control over the cost of collection.

You too, enjoy the PayAdvisor services too!

In just a few clicks, you will start to significantly reduce the time required to pay your invoices!