PayAdvisor, what is it?

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Advantages, registration and operation of PayAdvisor


  • You greatly reduce the time required to pay your invoices!
  • You get help with tracking your invoices through e-mails and mails sent by post
  • You thank your good Customers (good payers) by allowing them to enhance their E-reputation
  • The risk of a decline in their E-reputation will cause your other Customers (bad payers) to meet your payment deadlines
Any business partner wants to give a positive image of their company.
Thus, all PayAdvisor stakeholders participate in the positive spiral.

For who?

For any commercial entity (self-employed and company).

Why should I sign in?

  • Fast: it takes just a few minutes
  • Easy : clear and precise instructions
  • Effective: a fast visible impact
  • Economic: a minimal cost of use

How does PayAdvisor help your to recover your debt ?

  1. You issue your invoices and send them to your Customers

  2. You enter these transactions on PayAdvisor   OR   you click on the  ACCOUNTING CONNECTOR   button (which will automatically synchronize)

  3. PayAdvisor sends up to 5 e-mails to your Customers till the PayAdvisor due date (= by default: the date of YOUR ENCODING + 30 days + your reaction time for the responses of your Customers)
    - Click here to view the contents of the standard e-mails addressed to your Customers

  4. ONLY IF your Customer has never reacted on PayAdvisor over this invoice after 26 days, a reminder is sent to him/her by post to his/her official address
    - Click here to view the contents of the standard mail addressed to your Customers

  5. Impact of PayAdvisor
    • Case 1 :
      Your Customer pays BEFORE the PayAdvisor due date   --> the record of your Customer receives a positive Rating

    • Case 2 :
      Your Customer pays AFTER the PayAdvisor due date   --> his/her record receives a negative Rating at the rate of 1 point per 15 days delay started

  6. Upon confirmation of the agreement between the parties on PayAdvisor, the negative Rating are corrected on your Customer record

  7. A public PayAdvisor record will resume the Debtor payment history
The PayAdvisor record resumes :

  • Contact details of the Debtor: corporate name, VAT number, address
  • graph: sum of positive and negative units in a 24-month history
  • number of invoices followed by PayAdvisor
  • number of invoices paid on time
  • number of invoices paid late
  • cumulative number of days of delay
  • number of undisputed transactions
  • number of transactions concluded positively after exchanges between the parties
  • number of transactions that have been the subject of a dispute by the Debtor and that was deemed justified by the Creditor
  • number of transactions that have been the subject of a dispute by the Debtor and that was deemed abusive by the Creditor
  • a synthetic appreciation of PayAdvisor

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