The positive Cash Collector

Debtors' preferred invoice tracking


PayAdvisor is a revolutionary method that reduces your outstanding invoices and gets your Customers to pay YOUR invoices quickly.
PayAdvisor motivates your customers to improve by themselves THEIR OWN rating; for every invoice paid on time, they increase their rating.
On the contrary, for a late payment, your customer let his rating decrease.
Your customer's rating on PayAdvisor is visible to everyone! His own Customers as well as his Suppliers.
You and other creditors remain anonymous.

A positive and very effective collection technique!


How does it work?



You send your invoices to your Customers.
You inject these invoices in your accounting software


You create your PayAdvisor account
You download PayAdvisor Bridge ©
You synchronize in 1 click
New invoices are followed by


PayAdvisor sends emails to your Customers
Your Customers react very quickly to gives themselves PayAdvisor points

4 You receive the payments on your account
You synchronize in your PayAdvisor Bridge ©
Your Customers receive a "thank you" email on your behalf AND a good rating

Thanks to you good payers
are finally rewarded!

Your Customers are 'invited' to pay YOUR invoices quickly thanks to immediate reminders but above all thanks to their PayAdvisor rating which they will improve for each invoice paid on time.

This rating is visible to everyone on the Web! By their own Customers as well as by their Suppliers.

Are you looking for the company's PayAdvisor Record? Click here!


Why choose PayAdvisor ?

  • You want to avoid late payments
  • You want to avoid lawsuits and conflicts
  • You want want to maintain excellent business relationships with your Customers
  • You want to congratulate and thank your good Paying Customers
  • You want to increase your cash-flow and the financial health of your company
  • You want to save time in processing and following up invoices

They say about Us

Alessandro Mazzocchetti

CFO Odoo

We use the PayAdvisor solution to track our invoices as closely as possible while getting closer to our Customers commercially. Paying your invoice and receiving a "thank you" never happens in the B2B world. With PayAdvisor, they take care of the invoice tracking and we get the money faster. Every business should use this service!

Get your payment
deadlines met

  • 30% of bankruptcies are due to non-payments
  • The survival of your business depends on payments
  • PayAdvisor allows you to avoid lawsuits and conflicts
  • Thanks to PayAdvisor, your Customers pay you 30% faster

Value your good

  • Thank good payers by announcing it on the web
  • Encourage your late Customers to pay your bills FAST
  • PayAdvisor allows your Customers to influence their E-reputation
  • Keep excellent business relationships with your Customers

Save time
and money

  • In 1 click you activate the PayAdvisor follow-up
  • In 1 click PayAdvisor reminds your Customers for you
  • PayAdvisor sends emails to Customers who have not yet paid
  • PayAdvisor thanks your Customers when they have paid your invoice

You have received a PayAdvisor payment notice?

  • Take this opportunity to enhance your E-reputation
  • Pay the invoice in PayAdvisor deadlines!
  • Or, make an arrangement with the Issuer of the invoice.
  • If you also have Customers, use PayAdvisor services!

You too, enjoy the PayAdvisor services too!

In just a few clicks, you will start to significantly reduce the time required to pay your invoices!